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  1. I’ve used your deodorant for a while now, I usually buy the sticks and I love it! Recently I decided to try a tub instead only to discover it’s full of hard lumps. It’s like the baking soda didn’t mix properly and it’s quite a mission to mix it myself (I need to soften it in my fingers then squeeze hard on each lump) Never had this issue with the sticks. I was just wondering if this is normal for the tub??

    • Hi Kirsty, The lumpiness of our deodorant is definitely not normal and very unusual for our products. In the colder months the deodorant in the jar does harden slightly due to the nature of coconut oil, and we recommend to use the spatula to scoop a small amount onto your palm and soften it with a dab of warm water before applying.

  2. I have tried the natural deodorant, amazing. I met you at a twilight market while on holidays, what a pleasant surprise. So know time for more.. Thank you

  3. THANK YOU Naomi and company!! These products are amazing. I was given a deodorant stick for Christmas from a dear friend who was a little embarrassed but confident in her choice of gift for me. So happy. A truly beautiful 100% natural product that does what it claims. As a busy practitioner it is imperative not have pungent body odours and this product does the trick! Thanks again.

  4. After years of unsuccessfully using aluminium-based deodorant, I decided it was time to give my pits a rest, and look to another option. I stumbled across this deodorant in my health food store – how lucky I did! I no-longer suffer with dermatitis under my arms, and body odour has all but disappeared! Even after 12hours in the heat and sun rising my horse I smell and feel fresh! Thank you for such a great product!

  5. I recently treated myself to this product after having my second baby. I was waking up looking & smelling like a zombie covered in breast milk & baby spew to top it off and regular deodorant just wasn’t cutting it. I couldn’t keep having multiple daily showers, especially with 2 kids. So I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it & everything to gain if it worked.
    Now I love it!
    I put it on a night after my shower & wake up in the morning (after a rough night) with no BO smell!
    I’ll be honest I didn’t think it’d work, let alone that well, but now I tell everyone about it! Plus it’s made locally so that’s another win 🙂

  6. I love this deodorant. I purchased it at Nelson Bay market. I feel fresh all day, even after wearing synthetic tops. Never using the other toxic stuff I have in the past. Thank you for a wonderful product.

  7. My friend gave me this deodorant for my birthday, and it is the ONLY deodorant that I have found to work well!! It is brilliant, and I’ve come to the website to order more.. I tried making my own, with similar ingredients, but it didn’t work as well. I love this product, and I have tried many many natural deodorants, including the crystal/Rock ones..and none of them work well for me.

  8. I’m impressed with the effectiveness of your deodorant. I no longer have to ‘top up’ during the day. I’ve been making my own for years and just had to try yours as I loved the coconut oil idea. I’m enjoying the ‘dryer’ feel of the oil base with no sticky, damp sensation. I’m not a fan of tea tree oil but the effect here is subtle, hardly noticeable. Great that you stick to your guns and not add any emulsifiers as the settling during hot weather is simple to stir back in. Excited to see what will be in your new range.

  9. I bought this up in Forster , humid thunderstorm weather at times and camping . Have used it for 2 weeks now and love it. I had become sceptical about natural products rarely used them but thought I’d have a look and see if there was anything differant around currently. I got the lime , neroli and cedarwood one – 3 of my favorite aromas straight away ! I think it works well and it makes me feel good to use it and happy !

  10. Purchased at Sunnybrook Health Food Store 3 weeks ago. This deodorant is fantastic. Since using it Ive not had one smelly day (even at 40 degrees). This actually works better than the awful spray and roll ons Ive used in the past. Im never going back.

  11. I purchased this product at the Wauchope Farmer’s Market before Christmas and I LOVE it. No more odours, quite hard to believe after trying so many products!


  12. This deodorant is amazingly effective. I sweat a fair bit and I have found this deodorant to be the best natural formula I have ever used. Even on really hot sweaty days there is no smell! Throughly recommend this product as effective, natural and great value for money!

  13. My husband and I have been using this amazing 100% natural deodorant for a week. We are both very active over 55’s. We love that something so natural is so effective. This great product allows your body to perspire naturally without offending. Thank you from 2 very happy and sweet smelling customers 🙂

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