The Natural Deodorant

I have started using my new Natural Deodorant and I have developed a rash under my arms. What could this be from?

When making the switch from commercial deodorants and 100% natural deodorants a rash or irritation under the arm can occur. Your body is adjusting to the alkaline pH of the bicarbonate of soda in our deodorant, which is an active ingredient. Bicarb of soda is a natural anti-bacterial that neutralises the odour under your arm, however your body may need to adjust to it, which may take a week or two for most people. If this is the case for you we recommend you wean ONTO The Natural Deodorant by using it twice spread out through the first week, then three times spread out through the second week. If you are experiencing an extreme reaction or intolerable discomfort, discontinue the use of your Natural Deodorant as you may have a severe sensitivity to the bicarb, which is rare, but can occur.

Is there a cross over period if I've been using a regular anti-perspirant deodorant?

There can be. Occasionally some people find after using an anti-perspirant for a long time their body needs to re-adjust to sweating naturally again. So give your body the chance to adjust.

Why does my deodorant go runny in warm weather?

To maintain the 100% Natural integrity of our products, we do not add any additives or stabilisers to our deodorants or body products. Coconut oil is a main ingredient in our deodorant jar, which naturally softens in the heat. When this happens we advise you give it a good stir with the back of a spoon, and if the temperature reaches over 30 degrees it is best to put it in the fridge for a little while. We recommend you keep The Natural Deodorant in a cool place over summer.

Why does my deodorant harden when it is cold?

To maintain the 100% Natural integrity of our products, we do not add any additives or stabilisers to our deodorants or body products. Coconut oil is a main ingredient in our deodorant jar, which naturally hardens in the colder temperatures. When this occurs, scrape a small amount of deodorant with the spatula provided and put it onto your palm, then rub it with your finger. It will soften quickly then you can apply to your underarm. More easily, you can add a small drop of warm water to your palm and rub into the deodorant to make an easy to apply paste before rubbing it in under your arm.
If the Deodorant STICK gets a little dry in the cooler weather, you can run the end of the deodorant under a little warm water and it will be easy to apply.

NB: The softening and hardening of the deodorant is natural and does not hinder the natural integrity of the deodorant.

Where is the best place to keep my Natural Deodorant?

The deodorant can be kept in the bathroom. It is best kept away from direct sunlight in a cool place.

I travel a lot. Can I keep my Natural Deodorant in my car?

We advise to keep the deodorant out of direct sunlight. It is preferable to keep it in a cool dark place and standing the right way up when in the car.

How do I apply the Natural Deodorant?

Scoop a pea-size amount out of the jar with the spatula provided.  If it is firm then rub it into your palm to soften before applying it under your arm. Repeat for the other side.

Can I reapply if I'm a stinker?

Yes,  if you are very sweaty or stinky, or if you have had a long day/ or an extremely stressful day, re-applying the Natural Deodorant will immediately neutralise any odour and you will feel fresh again. Most people don’t need to do this, but we are all different.

How long will a jar last me?

As a general guide The Natural Deodorant JAR and STICK should last you between 3 and 4 months.

What’s the difference between the Hand Butter and the Foot Balm?

Our feet and hands have different functions and are exposed to different environments throughout the day. Therefore they need different products to nurture and rejuvenate them. The ingredients in The Natural Foot Balm specifically target the feet; it is fantastic for rejuvenating and moisturising dry, peeling and cracked feet and it even helps with odour. The Natural Hand Butter is rich and nutritious for your hands. It has more ingredients, which are specifically blended to revitalise all types of skin on the hands.

Both are best applied when going to be. Both are the best treat you can have.

Can I use the Hand Butter and/or Foot Balm throughout the day?

Yes you can! However, for both products a little amount goes a very long way, so we suggest only massaging a small amount into your hands or feet. If you wash your hands regularly we do suggest using The Natural Hand Butter in the day, and for best results to massage a generous amount through your hands and fingers and around your cuticles when you go to bed at night.

Why does my hand butter and body butter sometimes feel grainy?

A main ingredient of our butters is unrefined certified organic Shea Butter. Shea Butter has a natural tendency to change consistency (it is sometimes smooth and sometimes feels grainy or bally) with the change of temperature, change of weather and the humidity/dryness in the air. It is extremely difficult to control and we make the best effort in minimising this effect when we work with the butter when making our products. This effect is sometimes reduced when using more refined Shea Butter – however we prefer to use our products in its most natural unhampered state.

The change of consistency of Shea Butter does NOT affect the efficacy and rich moisturising effects it has on your skin and in feeding your skin. We advise to take the usual amount and rub it between your palms with flat hands and the graininess will easily melt away. Then rub it into your hands/body/feet. Enjoy:)