The Natural Deodorant:
We’ve got you covered from head to toe!

The Natural Deodorant is made from 100% natural ingredients, and it really works! The Natural Deodorant is available in a winder STICK and also as a paste in a reusable glass JAR.

The Natural Deodorant – Body makes 100% natural and nourishing body products. Try our Natural Hand Butter, Natural Foot Balm, Natural Body Oil, Natural Body Butter, Natural Lip Balm, Natural Face Oil.

Hand Made with care

Our products are all hand made by us!  Real People!  We love our products, we love our customers, we love what we do!

Live Naturally

Our philosophy is to live life as naturally as we can. We use 100% natural, simple ingredients, that nourish your skin, and allow your body to work as it should.  Our products are eco friendly, and are good for you and the environment.

Made Locally

We produce our products on the Mid-North Coast of NSW.  We source all locally produced ingredients where possible.  We’re committed to keeping our footprint small.


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This deodorant is fantastic!

  • Gabrielle Howard
    January 21, 2016 @10.34pm

    Purchased at Sunnybrook Health Food Store 3 weeks ago. This deodorant is fantastic. Since using it Ive not had one smelly day (even at 40 degrees). This actually works better than the awful spray and roll ons Ive used in the past. Im never going back.

I’m impressed with the effectiveness

  • I’m impressed with the effectiveness of your deodorant. I no longer have to ‘top up’ during the day. I’ve been making my own for years and just had to try yours as I loved the coconut oil idea. I’m enjoying the ‘dryer’ feel of the oil base with no sticky, damp sensation. I’m not a fan of tea tree oil but the effect here is subtle, hardly noticeable. Great that you stick to your guns and not add any emulsifiers as the settling during hot weather is simple to stir back in. Excited to see what will be in your new range.



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