The Natural Deodorant was established when friends Naomi Patton and Naomi Freuden decided to share their home-made deodorant with the world in 2014. It was borne out of a frustration of not being able to find a natural deodorant that worked effectively throughout the day. The journey really began when Naomi Patton fell pregnant with her first gorgeous child in 2009, as she could not find any deodorant that worked for her. This is where the alchemy began.

Both women had moved to the Seal Rocks/Great Lakes area on the Mid North Coast of NSW in Australia a few years earlier to raise their young families in a simpler, more natural environment.  One of their goals was to eliminate chemicals out of their families’ lives. Naomi and Naomi connected immediately and joined forces as Naomi Freuden brought her business vision recognising the fantastic potential the product has to inspire people in believing that…

everything you need to live a healthy, fulfilling happy life, can be found in nature”

They found that it was impossible to find a natural deodorant that worked effectively. So they decided to make their own…..And so began two years of experimenting and testing on family and friends.  Quite suddenly word spread throughout their local community about their product so they decided that it was time to create a business and make natural body products accessible to everyone.

Two years on, and the word continues to spread with stockists nation-wide finding a growing demand for an effective, 100% natural deodorant that really works.  With other natural body products added to their line-up, “The Natural Deodorant” brand is growing, with an aim to free the planet from the use of harmful chemicals, one body at a time!


Naomi has always had a passion for nature and alternative/natural therapies. A simple outdoors childhood spent mostly in the country instilled a close connection and respect with nature. Finding yoga in young adulthood kept her grounded through a 20 year modelling career spent travelling and living between Australia and Europe.  Studying natural therapies along the way, and becoming a remedial massage therapist, Naomi integrated essential oils and their properties into her practice. She has a strong belief that looking to nature to find remedies and using only products on the body which are pure, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle are key to wellness and peace of mind.

“I love that people are becoming aware of things they put on, and inside their body, and are wanting to go back to a more natural, simple way of doing things that are not only healthier for themselves, but also for the planet.”

Twenty years on and Naomi’s life has gone full circle as she lives yet again on a rural property surrounded by nature. Now settled, she enjoys the peace and tranquility of her property nestled close by Seal Rocks and the Great Lakes of the Mid North Coast of NSW, with her partner and 2 children.


Naomi has a diverse background mixed with various aspects of health and travel. She started her professional life as a massage therapist and kinesiologist, with a clinic in Sydney and the snowy mountains. Her love of travel led her to run small group adventures and expeditions throughout remote parts of Asia, Tibet, Mongolia and the Himalayas, where she also embarked on her own journeys, spending time with monks and villagers collecting plants used for medicinal purposes.

Naomi’s interest moved into the Development world and having completed her undergraduate degree in International Relations and her Masters of Public Health she worked in International Development setting up Health Development programs in developing countries around the world. After Naomi’s son was born she and her family moved to the mid north coast of NSW, where she embarked on her next journey and new business venture: The Natural Deodorant